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Our team aims at delivering excellent quality service to our client. Equipped with state of the art infrastructure, Using ultra modern technologies our professional dental team offers you ideal solutions at the highest standard for achieving a smile you deserve.

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Scaling & Polishing

Removal of the flaky, hard deposits & stains found on teeth...

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Composite Fillings

Restoring fractured or decayed teeth using tooth coloured material.


Crown & Bridge

Fixed replacement of missing tooth/teeth.

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Fixed Appliances

Treatment of crowded & malaligned teeth, for the age group between...

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Monday - Friday 9am – 1.30pm & 3pm – 6pm
Tuesday, Saturday 9am – 1-30pm & 3pm - 7.30pm
Lunch break 1.30pm - 3pm

About Us

White & pink Multi Speciality Dental clinic was established by Dr Jeev Thomas Cherian, to create a centre for excellence in complete dental care, where only the very highest standards in modern dentistry are provided for our patients, to provide the most advanced treatments, the most beautiful and natural smiles and to have the most highly trained and caring team of people.

Our aim has always been to ensure that each patient experiences the ultimate in individual, personalised cosmetic, general and specialist dental treatment, in a comfortable, warm and friendly environment. To build caring relationships and trust with our clients that lasts a lifetime. To maintain and deliver the very highest standards of customer care and service, to have time for continuing professional development for the whole team and also to have a wonderful working environment for the whole team.

Our Doctors

Step in to our clinic we are at your service

Dr Jeev Thomas Cherian BDS, MDS

Cosmetic Dentist & Endodontist

Dr Hima Thomas BDS,MDS

Periodontist & Implantologist

Dr Boby John Varghese, MDS


Dr Aby Mathew MDS

Prosthodontist & Implantologist

Dr Prashant MDS


Dr Eldhose George MDS

Oral & Maxillofacial & Implantologist

Dr Anush MDS

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon

Dr Sarath V.S. MDS


Dr Mathew O Mampally MDS

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon

Dr Sreekutty Vinod BDS

Dental Surgeon

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